Setup SVN + XCode

23 09 2007

Been seriously bonding with Mac OS X lately and Mac sure kicks Windows arse big time in terms of look and feel and stability.

But developing for Mac… urgh.. now i know why there’s not many apps. for Mac *hugs* Visual Studio 😀

Installing Subversion
1. Install FINK
2. Open “Terminal” and install svn command by entering “fink install svn-client-ssl”
3. Checkout project: svn co https:….
Commit: svn commit
Update: svn update
View Status: svn status

Setting Up SVN in XCode
1. Open checked out project with XCode
2. Right-click project -> “Get Info”
3. In “General” tab -> Check “Enable SCM”
Select “SCM System: Subversion”
4. Subversion menu is in “SCM”

Problem with SCM is there’s no success/fail notification after updating/committing and usually have to commit the project twice. Using the Terminal is way more practical but having to $cd and $cd and $cd to get to the project folder is such a pain so I’d rather commit twice in XCode and wait for the email notification.

I live in the 20th century and all things GUI 😛

Update – 10 Nov 2007
SVN in XCode sucks.
svnX 0.9.13 is bucketloads better!