Run LingPipe Demo in Eclipse

26 07 2009

Eclipse Ganymede 3.42
LingPipe 3.8.1

Follow the eclipse tutorial at LingPipe

Create a New Project->Java->Java Project From Existing Ant Buildfile->Next

In Ant buildfile, Browse to \lingpipe-3.8.1\demos\generic\build.xml

Right-Click->Project Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Add External Jars->Add \lingpipe-3.8.1\demos\generic\lingpipe-demos.jar

To Run:
Right-Click -> Run As -> Run Configurations -> Java Application->New

In Arguments Tab->Program arguments add
-demoConstructorArgs=com.aliasi.tokenizer.IndoEuropeanTokenizerFactory,com.aliasi.sentences.IndoEuropeanSentenceModel,/pos-en-general-brown.HiddenMarkovModel,250000,250000,General English - Brown Corpus





One response

14 04 2011

I did it same that . But when i add “Program arguments add” and run , there is an error “could not find the main class.Program will exit” .
Please help me console it .
Thanks so much !!

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