TinyMCE – r has no properties

25 03 2008

Occurs in firefox when there’s a textarea in a hidden div.

Change in tiny_mce.js

IsCollapsed: function () (
This.getRng var r = ();
if(r.item)return false;
return r.boundingWidth==0||this.getSel().isCollapsed


IsCollapsed: function () (
This.getRng var r = ();
if(r==null||r.item)return false;
return r.boundingWidth==0||this.getSel().isCollapsed




6 responses

4 04 2008
TinyMCE problem with Expression Engine in Firefox — Tyssen Design

[…] found the solution to the problem at Tis How I Code. There’s also some further discussion of the issue on the Moxiecode […]

8 04 2008

Oh thanks mate, you save my day 😉

1 06 2008

Thank you… already tried to fix this for some time. Now IE finally stop’s crashing because of this error… 😉

1 03 2009

Wow … thanks a lot. I don’t even want to imagine, what I would have messed up on my code to get rid of this error … Cheers, mate.

16 04 2009

Thanks a lot, it was of great help.

18 02 2014

The link to the solution does´t seem to be valid anymore. Could you be kind and post the solution here? Pliis! 🙂

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